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Elliot Arrowsmith - MA Photography Student based in South Yorkshire & the East Midlands

I'm currently multitasking as a part time MA student and as an administrator in the public sector to fund the enormous amount of film I use. All work I produce is produced on film, be it 35mm, medium or large format, Polaroid or other forms of instant film. The film is home developed and scanned on an Epson V800, no further editing is done outside of dust removal and that which can be completed in a darkroom.

My current research interests include the intersection between visual arts and psychiatry and the concept of self-confession alongside a soft scientificic interest in the treatment of mental health disorders and other chronic health conditions. My work is currently being prepared for installation in January 2021 where the visual medium will be used to elaborate on day to day life, the mundane with the gallery being exploited as my confession chamber.

2018 - 2021: MA Film and Photography, Merit(Provisional), University of Derby, UK

2012 - 2016: LLB Law with French Law and Language, 2:2, University of Leicester, UK

2014 - 2015: ERASMUS (International Public Law),

Université de Strasbourg, France

2013: Institut Européen de Langue Français,

Montpellier, France

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